1. HomeTeam

    110g tank trade for corals

    This is for a 110g tall aquarium. I have no use for it anymore. With the tank comes with a CPR overflow, DC controllable skimmer, 800g/hr return pump and 20gal tank for sump. Will accept cash but prefer corals for trade. Open to any corals as I have a sps/lps setup and a soft coral setup...
  2. joenla00

    210 Gal Reef Tank for sale

    UPDATE: Have sold just about everything. Very little left over. (COST IN PARENTHESIS IS WHAT IT COST NEW) UPDATE: Tank and stand sold. Only have whats left below. * 6 Stage Deluxe Plus RO/DI System bought 1...
  3. ReefJeeves

    LF Protein skimmer

    I am looking for a protein skimmer for a 40b with sump Roughly 55-60 gallons total. My HOB skimmer I had is no longer an option. Looking for an in sump skimmer only. Please let me know if yall have anything available in the Baton Rouge area
  4. Mrtrx450

    Sro 1000 int 200$

    Excellent condition, got a new sump and skimmer.
  5. Woodo15

    CAD Lights PLS 100

    CAD Lights PLS 100 Skimmer - $50 I live in Mandeville, but work in Gonzales.
  6. V

    VS-36 LifeReef skimmer with mazzei Venturi,250.00

    I have a life reef skimmer VS3-36 with the upgraded Venturi , mazzei. Used for about 13 months, house was flooded and out of the hobby. In great shape. No pump. Great deal you pick up in Denham springs. The price 250.00
  7. osborneag

    Skimmer Pump burnt up... Replacement or new skimmer?

    I have a Coralife Super Skimmer 65 gallon version. My pump unfortunately burnt up and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a replacement pump? [definitely need to change the orientation in my sump so that it isn't running dry when I restart my overflow after feeding]. I was able...
  8. CenlaReefer

    Outside air for skimmer intake

    I was reading forums and watching videos about the need for outside air for one's skimmer intake. The need for this is because too many of our homes are high in carbon dioxide and too low in oxygen. A recent video from BRS said that it was difficult to run a tube from outside the home to...