1. ReefJeeves

    14 Gallon Biocube

    so I have recently started a 14 gallon coralife biocube as an upgrade from my 5 gallon Evo. We recently moved from Baton Rouge back to Harahan and with a temporary living situation I am allowed 1 tank. It will be a soft coral tank with a focus on inverts and a couple of small fish. I meant to...
  2. ReefJeeves

    Box of Fritz Pro salt And bottle of Monster 460

    i have an brand new box of fritz salt (opened to check inside then taped back up). As I have a small tank I don’t need it. Asking $50 or trade for softies for my nano. I also have a bottle of monster 460 unopened brand new. $10 or trade for a softie frag.
  3. ReefJeeves

    My Tank - 40B

    So a little background on my tank. I have had a 24g nanocube running since January as a mixed reef. I have also had a 75g predator tank. The two tanks have been a little too much to try and keep up with so i decided to go with one tank in the middle of the two. I decided to go with a simple 40...