1. reefdave

    65 gallon aquarium for sale

    Used 65 in great shape. I drilled this tank and made overflow box. Comes with glass tops and led light (no stand) 36x18x25 $100.00 message for pictures
  2. T

    Sicce Syncra Pump

    I have a Sicce Syncra Pump that I purchased for a 10 gallon water box aquarium that I am setting up, only to realize that the pump does not fit into the pump section of the aquarium. The pump has never been used and is still in the original packaging. It is the 0.5 model that is rated for 185...
  3. S

    Apex Classic - New In Box Never Used

    Sold I have a new in box Apex Classic with temp probe lab grade ph probe lab grade conductivity probe energy bar 8 also has a break out box included I am seeing best deal online for $399, will sell for $300. Or fair offer. I purchased about 2 years ago and never used and now I am going a...
  4. C

    180g Rimless Cube setup

    Selling a almost complete system. 180g Rimless Cube. 4'x3'x2' is the deminsion. Comes with custom stand, lights, 40g acrylic sump, Mag 12 return pump. Will also include Apex full control , two mp40, Ato with 20g tank. Lights are homemade Cree leds that is controlled thru Apex. Also using a...