sps frags

  1. marine_tibby

    Sold Looking for Acros or Millies(nothing green)

    Looking for a few pieces of Acropora or Millepora, not looking to travel across state. I'll travel about an hour from Alexandria to pick it up.
  2. R

    Any reefers close to orange area?

    Hey everyone I'm close to Lake Charles and looking to sell some corals. I have a lot of nice pieces. Looking to maybe sell or trade some too.
  3. R

    Hello from Shreveport

    New to Larc. I’m looking for some easy sps pieces. I have a green slimer and a blue stylopora. Anyone in the New Orleans or Shreveport area with some sps frags? Geaux tigers
  4. B

    Looking oregon tort

    Like it says, I'm looking for oregon tort. Also any "rare" named or not bright blue sps. Thanks