1. HomeTeam

    Lafayette Corals for sale

    I need to clear out some corals in my tank. Some of these are overgrowing their tight spot. Turbinaria - $40 Red cyphasteria - $30 Zoa rock with green mini maxi- $75 Miami orchid acro- $40 ( color is not great but I don’t have room at the top of the tank)
  2. HomeTeam

    For Sale Looking to trade for Leathers or fish

    I set up a small 24g cube up for my wife and I’m looking to add a few more leathers or trade for any fish I don’t have. I have quite a few SPS I’m willing to trade for them if your interested. If you see anything your interested in let me know. I can also make frags of anything you see in my tank.
  3. HomeTeam

    Acros for sale

    I tried my hand at fragging and it didn’t go terrible. Not really looking to make money but rather meet or swap from the LA reef community. Any frag I either have or can make $20-$25. I don’t care if it’s a high end frag or not. But I will not frag LPS. Location Lafayette. I don’t really care...
  4. CenlaReefer

    Preventing SPS combat

    I am trying out a method to keep various SPS from approximating each other, resulting in combat between 2 colonies. I am placing reef-safe epoxy putty strips between the 2 corals. Once a coral grows over the epoxy and gets close to the opposite side of the strip, I plan to break off the coral...
  5. HomeTeam

    Sold Lamarck for trade

    Extremely active and eats like crazy. Not the most colorful fish but when it gets larger they look really cool with streamers. Looking to trade for coral. LPS or SPS is al that I’m really intimate. Not really looking to travel too far. I’m in the Lafayette/Youngsville area.
  6. HomeTeam

    New Member in Youngsville

    Hey all just wanted to introduce myself. Been back in Louisiana for about a year and a half now. Was in Houston for the last 14yrs. Set up my SPS dominant about 4 months ago, it’s just starting to round into shape. Just wanted to reach out and meet some local reefers in the area. I was...
  7. R

    Any reefers close to orange area?

    Hey everyone I'm close to Lake Charles and looking to sell some corals. I have a lot of nice pieces. Looking to maybe sell or trade some too.
  8. osborneag

    Some basic, easy to keep and fast growing coral (soft & SPS) for sale/trade.

    Moved to acts of kindness
  9. CenlaReefer

    Feeding my 20 gallon frag tank

    I would appreciate everyone's input. First, I let me give a description of my common weekly practice for feeding my 20 gallon frag tank which includes about half-and-half LPS corals and SPS such as stylos (birds nest) and montipora. The tank is connected to a 30 gallon sump along with lots of...
  10. osborneag

    Misc. Frags for sale or preferably trade

    Located in New Orleans, La, specifically Algiers. Looking to sell or preferably trade some misc. frags. Pictures attached to what I have growing out. Various Zoa's($10 frag), Xenia ($5), Kenya Trees($5-$20), GSP's ($15), SPS($15), Photosynthetic Purple Whip? Gorgonian ($10). Took pictures in...