1. Conson Droppa

    For Sale Waterbox 10 Cube AIO w/ Light & Extras

    I am looking to consolidate to one tank, so I am selling my WaterBox 10 Cube AIO. Included with the sale I have: WaterBox 10 Gallon Cube AIO Tank AI Prime HD 16 Light Cobalt Neo-Therm Heater Hygger Mini Wavemaker Just need a filter sock and you're ready to go. Asking $450 for complete setup...
  2. CenlaReefer

    Sunroom Build

    Because of my wife's health problems I need to cut-down on humidity in the house. I will also need some more living room in our small home. Here is the structure I built using a technique I learned from a builder-friend in NJ. It is called "cordwood construction." This little addition used...
  3. HomeTeam

    Sold 110g tank trade for corals

    This is for a 110g tall aquarium. I have no use for it anymore. With the tank comes with a CPR overflow, DC controllable skimmer, 800g/hr return pump and 20gal tank for sump. Will accept cash but prefer corals for trade. Open to any corals as I have a sps/lps setup and a soft coral setup...
  4. ReefJeeves

    LF 57 or 65 gallon tank

    I am looking for a 57 or 65 gallon tank. I have a 40b with hob equipment I want to go drilled but I want to get another tank to “pre drill” so I may as well go with the taller options with the same footprint. Please let me know if you have one.
  5. Hunter Burns

    45g long

    Have a 45g long tank break down need tank gone and stand gone ,reef octopus hob protein skimmer , 4 live rocks All it needs is some one to clean it , nothing broke or cracked every things in great shape
  6. M

    90 gal Tank, Cabinet, Filter Sump, 2 pumps, LED Lights for Sale

    90 gal Tank, Cabinet, Filter Sump, 2pumps, LED Lights for Sale must go $300
  7. Woodo15

    Deep Blue 30g Rimless Tank RR

    This tank has never seen saltwater. There's a small chip from moving the tank, but other than that it's in great condition. The tank is baffled/drilled and comes with bulkheads/plumping. $175