1. V3NOMUS

    Sold 2 Radion Gen4 XR30W pro

    Selling 2 used Radion Gen4 XR30w pros. Both have been factory resetted and removed from my reeflink. Located and can be picked up in Prairieville. Asking $500 o.b.o. each, or $900 o.b.o. if you get both at the same time. $700 and they're yours. Any takers? Want them gone!
  2. M

    3 Ecotech Radion gen 4 xr30w pro and Reeflink

    Have 3 xr30w pros for sale. All come in original box and are like new but one doesnt have the hanging hardware. Also included with purchase of all 3 is a reeflink for wireless operation. $1350 for everything I will part out if I have to at 450 each
  3. NumberFish

    Considering Radion XR30w (non pro)

    After seeing the lighting at Aqua Hut, I am considering purchasing 2 Radion XR30W (non pro version) to replace my 4 bulb Wavepoint T5. Anyone here use them with success. I have a 90 Gallon mixed reef tank. Mostly softies, LPS, and zoas, but have a few SPS at the top of the rock work. My...