1. E

    Mushrooms, Zoas, and polyps for sale: SOLD

    Hi all, new to the forum. It was suggested to me to join here when asking around about where to trade / sell the corals that are out growing my tank. I have some Blue and Superman Mushrooms available, some red people eater zoas and a few other zoas I am not sure of the names. I also have some...
  2. osborneag

    Misc. Frags for sale or preferably trade

    Located in New Orleans, La, specifically Algiers. Looking to sell or preferably trade some misc. frags. Pictures attached to what I have growing out. Various Zoa's($10 frag), Xenia ($5), Kenya Trees($5-$20), GSP's ($15), SPS($15), Photosynthetic Purple Whip? Gorgonian ($10). Took pictures in...