1. ReefJeeves

    Zoa & Paly Diseases - Zoa Pox

    I recently aquired a rock full of paly’s from a reefer that had a cyano problem. I eliminated the cyano but now the palys have remained closed for several weeks. I noticed white spots until talking with someone at an LFS who said it sounds like zoa pox. After doing some research I am almost...
  2. M

    $10-$15 zoa frags

    Zoa frags for sale in the metairie/kenner/mandeville area.
  3. ReeferMadness

    WTS/WTT Red Hornets and Mohawks

    Red Hornets 10 polyps - $50 Mohawks 10 polyps - $25 Will also trade for SPS. PM with offers please.
  4. osborneag

    Misc. Frags for sale or preferably trade

    Located in New Orleans, La, specifically Algiers. Looking to sell or preferably trade some misc. frags. Pictures attached to what I have growing out. Various Zoa's($10 frag), Xenia ($5), Kenya Trees($5-$20), GSP's ($15), SPS($15), Photosynthetic Purple Whip? Gorgonian ($10). Took pictures in...