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Harlequin Tusk
Jul 12, 2019
I recently ordered some live rock from them as I thought I’d give them a try. Their company seems legit as their coralline algae in a bottle is on multiple sites I deal with. Their live rock has not been available since 2017 from what I can see due to a hurricane that hit back then. If they were just trying to sell product they would have been selling rock the next year even if it wasn’t seasoned enough. A few things I don’t like. They are not shipping my order till July which is fine, not ready for it and I can wait. Second, after purchasing 35# of their premium rock I see they sell packages of 40# on Amazon for cheaper then I paid for 35#. Confusing and I plan to call them and try and get some more rock at least. 3rd, they have what looks like stock photos of the rock and not what I’m use to seeing on KP Aquatics. If your selling a product show the customer what they can expect to receive not a dolled up picture of the rock. Lastly I’m a little concerned about the shipping. It’s not next day air it’s UPS and it’s shipping would take about 3 days. They do ship in about 1/4 full of water with wet towels to cover the rest.
has anyone gotten rock from them or heard anyone getting from them? I would have gotten from KP aquatic but they are out of the premium. Thoughts?


LARC Boil Master
LARC Supporter
Jun 17, 2014
( sounds of hearing aid whistling and my glasses on my nose ) Setting the stage here.

Back in the good ole days I brought in rock from distributors in the USA and transshipped from a few places across the large ponds.
Received both packaged in some water and Packed in just wet paper towels and such to keep ''moist''.
Both methods were about the same amount of die off, the smell is unique meaning not smelling like the rock in your tank.
This rock will need to be cured again and can happen in your tank to jump start your cycle from the little die off.
The beneficial bacteria is still alive and active which will process the die off.
Any loose debris, dead sponge or types of calcareous algae that is too far gone can be removed by brush and rinsed in bucket of water.
Shrimp and crabs including some corals, sponge and other lifeforms will be fine and start to grow and or thrive in your tank.
Most of the time you will be fine with three day shipping, they should be placing cold packs in the foam ice chest to combat the higher temps.

You should get some interesting critters along with the rock so just keep an eye out for different crustaceans and starfish. Make sure to check at night too when some like to come out more than in the day.
For anyone you are concerned about being ''reef safe'' just catch them in a bottle with some food and store in the sump till you figure out what they are.
I sure miss those days of getting rock in from all around the world and the sheer amount of life that came with said rock.
make sure to take some pics before during and after of what you get and what you find.