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Nov 30, 2011
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Dear members - We are pleased to announce that a buyer/seller feedback feature has been integrated into the new LARC. This is in response to your repeated requests to make it safer & easier to buy/sell/trade here. However, first we must lay a few ground rules:
  1. DO NOT post comments which are vulgar, slanderous, disrespectful, etc. or use this as a platform to launch personal attacks or to make threats. This will not be tolerated! We understand you might be upset over a bad transaction, but keep it levelheaded & professional. Remember, more facts, less opinions make for smoother feedback. Any abuses should be reported to @Tupes.
  2. Team LARC reserves the right to edit/delete any feedback we deem inappropriate or unacceptable.
  3. The views & opinions submitted by members DO NOT reflect those of any member of staff or Louisiana Reef Club as a whole.
Now let's show you how to use the new feedback system. You will now notice a "Trader History" link when you click on a member's name and inside a member profile:



You will also notice a member's "Trader History" whenever they post something for sale in the following forums: Non Reef Classifieds, Group Buys, Livestock, Looking For Item(s), Used Gear, Random Acts of Kindness.


Clicking on a member's "Trader History" link reveals this page:


From here you may submit your feedback, or view feedback from previous transactions. So you know a little more about the person before you buy or sell to them.

We'd like to install a "fancier" feedback system (perhaps one which incorporates a rating system) in the future, but wanted to start out with something simple for now. We hope this satisfies the requests many of you have made for a buyer/seller feedback system. And we sincerely hope abuse does not force us to remove this feature prematurely.

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