Sold large purple stylo frags unmounted and others

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acanjun reefer

Neon Goby
Oct 22, 2010
Slidell, La.
Grandi Palys I have a large section that is about to separate from the rock its on and will have about 8 heads when it does. i can cut it free pretty easy as i have to do this regularly. $25. I also have a single head that has already come loose from the rock $5. Then I have a small colony growing at the base of a rock with 5 juvenile heads $10 sold.

Two Purple/Gold Galaxea frags $10 each

Five large purple stylo frags only one is mounted on a frag plug $15 each. These are larger frags 3-4'' with multiple branches.

All of the cut frags have been healing for months and are starting to grow onto the frag rack.

I also have some branching GSP if anyone is interested. Looks just like the regular version but grows branches instead of a mat $5 for a 1-2" branch.

slidell, La. IMG_0739.jpgIMG_0738.jpgIMG_0737.jpg
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