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Nov 30, 2011
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Dear Members - Below are new guidelines for conducting buying & selling transactions on LARC. GREEN LIGHT contains "must dos" and "highly suggested" things, whereas RED LIGHT lists the "DO NOTs". It is our aim to make the rules less confusing and more transparent.

  • You must list your location (city, state), either in your profile or in the post.
  • Asking price must be listed in thread - no "make an offer" is allowed.
  • Trading is fine, but a cash price must always be listed in case a member has nothing to trade/worth trading for. This way no one can complain that they are being shut out of a for sale thread.
  • On complete system sales, you must state whether you will part out or not. This avoids confusion and the bombardment of posts/PMs asking if you will part out.
  • Once the item is sold, edit the first post and place "SOLD" in the thread title, if selling just one item. If selling multiple items place "SOLD" next to each item.
  • It is highly suggested that you post photo(s) of the original item(s) you are trying to sell. Using a stock photo doesn't show a potential buyer the actual condition of your item. If you do not know how to post pics, please visit this thread: HOW TO POST PICTURES ON LARC
  • DO NOT leave negative comments/criticism about price, condition, etc. If you are not interested in the item that is for sale, please move along.
  • If someone has stipulated that they are not interested in parting out, respect their request and DO NOT pester them about it. If/when the seller is interested in parting out, they will update their thread.
  • DO NOT attempt to negotiate price publicly (inside the thread.) This should only be done via Private Conversation, text, phone call, etc. Haggling sometimes creates ill will between members and this is only made worse if it's done out in the open.
  • Vendors, DO NOT post item(s) for sale/trade in the Selling and Trading Forums. This area is for hobbyists only. We will gladly create a subforum for your company in our Vendor Forums section for you to advertise/sell from, FREE OF CHARGE. :)
A LARC Team member will post a friendly reminder in threads which do not meet the listed criteria. Failure to comply, within 24 hours, will result in the thread being moved off of the forum or locked until criteria is met.


P.S. Don't forget to use our buyer/seller feedback tool:
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