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Aug 17, 2017
So, I have a three stage rodi unit. Right now I take it and hook it up to the hose outside with one of the fittings that came with it. When I get the time, I have a copper cold water line t'd off. one side goes to the washing machine, the other side goes to a 6" extension that is capped off. I plan to take that capped line and extend it. I am thinking of making it go to a box in the wall like the one used for washing machine lines. The drain is also nearby, so if I go this route, I will need to modify the drain as well to go into the bottom of the box as well. The other option ive thought about is buying a brass y used for garden hoses, run my line off of this, but if I do this I don't want to use the plastic garden hose hookup I am using now. I would want something a little more durable. have to look for a compression fitting to go on the y and hookup to the rodi tubing. then the off valve will be the small ball valve on the y and id want something a little more reliable than this, like the first option would have a gate valve like used for a washing machine or normal garden spigot. This location is the future spot of my fish wall. Ill have my qt tanks, mixing station, sump for my dt and display refugium in here. I have not looked into it too much, just have to take some time to look into it. but you guys always seem like the best resources for this.

So, my idea for this thread is not to keep it specific to my setup. but if you all could post pictures of your setups. give a little description of it. Include anything you McGuyvers have added on. Float switched for automatic topoff, shutoff, extra stages added on, how the tubing is run. Anything and everything setting up an rodi. whether basic or advanced. Looking to get a composition on here that we can maybe show to new members as well to help new reefers setup their RODI in the most efficient possible way that is feasible for each person. I will be adding pictures of mine once I get it setup, or start to at least. Hopefully ill see some ideas I may add into my rodi setup as well.


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Aug 3, 2015
Here is the picture of my setup. A detailed description is here:


My 1/4" supply is from the back side of a toilet on the other side of the wall. I could have pierced the line going to the water heater, but the water heater is slated to be relocated in the near future, which would have leak me to the back of the toilet anyway. My waste line goes back into the toilet. I will eventually install and access box for the toilet vent and go direct into there, but I cannot cut the box in to expose the vent until the water heater is relocated.

My base unit is the BRS Water Saver with double RO membrane, double chloramine, double DI resin. My modifications included adding some additional pressure gages to monitor performance on the prefilters and RO membranes, some additional waste valves, one for testing carbon filtered water, a waste valve for flushing TDS creep and one for wasting out of the DI resin (for when I change DI resin, I use RO to washout any dust or residue).

I also added a third stage DI and I now run seperate Anion/Cation beds with a final mixed DI bed for final polish. This is detailed in the thread above.


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Jun 17, 2014
I do not mind playing along and think this thread is a great idea for members and new hobbiest to see what is done or can be done like you said.
Should be able to get some photo's in a couple weeks of my set up and post them.
May need to send me a PM in the future to remind me to get some pictures posted, If you do then thanks hahaha