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Getting "back into the hobby" after a protracted 6 year OTS cycle that saw a thriving 10 year old 75g softie reef slowly degrade to a fowlr with a smattering of mushrooms and palys.

New tank is a 36"x36"x30" "cube". Trying to get back to where I left off.
****! My 110 tank sprung a leak! Seems to be a slow drip in about 3 different spots along the bottom front edge.
I am interested in the 120 "set up". Could I dimensions and is the "set up" tank and stand only?
When could I view the tank?
Yea the 120 is the typical 48x24x24 the overflow to the sump is external, the set up includes stand and tank, the sump is an extra 100
I saw a post you did about making your own PVC sump and was wondering if I could get some info from you so I could build my own as well. Where did yo9u purchase the PVC sheets from? What did you use to bond the PVC sheets together? What did you use to bond the acrylic to the PVC? from what I saw you had a very similar design to what I was thinking about doing.
You live in Mandeville? If so let me know. I work in Covington. Otherwise I live on the westbank. I should be home tomorrow around 6.


Hey I got your info from a friend here. Do you still have the Par meter?
Having a run of bad luck. lost fish DOA. Killer hermet on a rampage. 7.5 is a mess. Shipped coral for the first time didnt go great....
Thanks so much. My wife was in New Orleans and is in route home. I was going to have her pick some up for me. Next time we’re down in Nola. Absolutely!
Thanks for The reply. Yep I geaux to epic quite a bit and aquarium concepts and love them both. Just wanting to try more sps. I have two sticks that I got from wwc in feb. and I want more.